by Repercussions Of Yesterday

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released May 24, 2014



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Repercussions Of Yesterday UK

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Track Name: Pain
The pain, the heartache of being alive
The strong, the weak none of us will survive
The truth, the lies we can't disguise

The pain, the anguish until our demise
The healthy, the ill death will come to us all
The beautiful, the ugly death does not choose

The pain, the sorrow we will weep for the dead
The old, the young, death chooses no age
The rich, the poor life does not have a price

The pain, the silence of when it's all over.......

(Spoken word from Lamentations 1:2, King James Bible)
Track Name: Amour Des Pieds
Majestically soft heels tenderly kissed
Electric pulses from her soles
Sensual waves throughout her body

The root to her awakening
His soft tongue tickles her toes
She tingles and her heart races

His fingertips start to explore
She’s restless and nervously excited
Her nipples harden with tension

She’s dripping with lust for me
She craves for that ultimate release
Track Name: The Heavens' Regret - Remorseless Angel
An unrealised dream
A fantasy that consumes
All sense of being

In the pursuit of shadows
Only darkness is found

The heart and soul collide
And destroy each other

A vacuum remains
An unrequited ardour
The constellations lied to you
Your weeping is in vain
Track Name: Toxic Demon
Toxic demon inside
Targeting my weak body
Overtake all control
Helpless self inflicted

Only the innocent suffer
Bypass the weak
Overpower the strong
Toxic demons are ruthless

Seeking blood and broken bones
Won't give up till it's done
Uncontrollable rage
Demons released from the cage

Once gone
The demon takes the memory
Body left broken and weak
Left with the consequences
Track Name: Tears Of Semen
As soul mates they drifted apart
Inhaled the same breath the last
The sun a veneer of a cooling atmosphere

The end they feared had become all too clear
The embrace of doomed passion
As he enters her for the last time
A bittersweet kiss...
Of drifting love
Within everlasting lust

Emission of melancholic pleasure
His soul emitted in her for the last time
It will not be returned
And no longer will he receive hers

The heart blackens and descends into darkness
From the cold north, the starved ether
Exposing Cupid’s shame
Cupid’s failure.
Track Name: Epitaph
He sits on his throne
Doom beneath him
Reality kicks in
Yet another Sunday in regret
Of the weekend’s sodomy

Only now there’s no one to answer to
His soul mate and seed have left the nest
He’s lost everything yet learned nothing
His cure is the symptom
But it heals nothing

The rat of the town
Had everything and threw it all away
For forbidden pleasure

The player lost the game
A life sentence of debilitation
He’ll suffer painfully until he dies
A pitiful excuse of a man
He won’t be missed
His epitaph will be a warning
No eulogy
His son of a whore will spit on his grave
His demise is just deserved
Track Name: End Of The Line MMXIV
Her heart has reached a terminus
Nowhere to go; it beats no more
Nobody is welcome on board

A hollow, directionless existence
Rusting in sidings
Out of sight and mind
Nobody cares
And now, neither does she anymore

So much to give for nothing in return
Time’s run out for her withered soul
She will not love again
There’s nothing for her to love anymore